Gina Clayton of iFreelance is trained, accredited and experienced in the delivery and debriefing of a wide range of online assessments.  She works in partnership with accredited providers to provide businesses with access to, and interpretation of, personality, behavioural and skills assessments which provide valuable insight to business owners and managers into their people - whether this be pre-employment or during employment.  

occupational personality questionnaire (opq32)

This is a cost effective online assessment which provides a quick and high level view of an individual's relationships, thinking style and feelings and emotions.

The assessment is recognised worldwide as being a scientifically proven tool for predicting behaviour based on personality types.

Other SHL assessments include verbal and numerical reasoning, sales aptitude, management aptitude, safety consciousness and many more.

science of self assessments

DISC - A personalised report exploring the four core DISC behavioural styles on how we behave and communicate.


DRIVING FORCES - A personalised report exploring the driving forces as to why we move into action (motivation)


EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE - A personalised report exploring the core aspects of emotional intelligence

iFreelance can coordinate access to these assessments and provide a briefing session on the results, or alternatively can carry out more in depth coaching on the results.


IFreelance can access and arrange online testing for your job candidates across a huge array of technical, medical and cognitive skills. 


Be sure that your preferred candidate possesses the critical competencies that your business needs.

Online testing can include:

Word - Excel

PowerPoint - Publisher

Outlook - Internet

Data Entry - Typing Skills

...and much more