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ISO 9001 Standard now includes climate change requirements



On 23 February 2024, an amendment was published to ISO 9001:2015, tasking organisations to evaluate whether climate change is a relevant issue within the context of their quality management systems (QMS), and if so to take steps to address this.


The update underscores ISO's commitment to addressing climate change and enhancing organizational management systems to effectively tackle the global challenge.


Key aspects of the 2024 climate change amendments include:


  • The aim is to make climate change considerations an integral part of management systems, guiding organizational practices and policies from the core.

  • By addressing climate change impacts within the management system's scope, the amendments seek to enhance organizational resilience and adaptability to climate-related risks.

  • Organizations are encouraged to assess climate-related risks and integrate them into their strategic objectives and risk mitigation efforts.


What is changing?


Specific changes have been made to Clauses 4.1 and 4.2 of the current Annex SL standards as follows:

The new inclusions aim to ensure that climate change is firmly on your organization’s radar screen and is given special attention as one of the external issues to be considered as part of your QMS.  As part of your ISO certification, auditors will audit how organisations have specifically considered climate change issues, and any actions arising from such consideration.


You may already be addressing climate change issues, or you may be doing so for the first time.  But it is now a requirement under your QMS to demonstrate it can meet any claims related to climate change.


How do I integrate climate change into my QMS?


iFreelance will educate itself further on these requirements and will develop a Climate Change Audit which it will have available for rollout from July 2024.



Information correct as of 23 May 2024.

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